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epic phail

that was about as funny as being dragged through hell naked. Backwards. Storyline almost nonexistant, animation simplistic. good use of sounds accounts for the 0ne score this is getting

Nice Video, Just Lay Off The live action

The video was good and the premise was sweet (nice referance to the white stripes) but i feel the live action side of things let it down slightly. But nice vid on the whole just watch it with live action submissions.

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Good concept, But I can understand the frustration

I understand the concept and love the execution of it, the Cartoon art style juxtaposing the conversations they are having about violence is particularly good, but It's not a ten out of ten purely because I think the Idea could have been explained more or you could have been given tasks to do that require gameplay interspersed with cinematics about the tough choices of a pacifist. But overall a good way to spend a couple of minutes and a well done flash.

its nice but

if this is being used for a fighting game the player should be given the ability to punch while in the air. an all round nicely presented thing, to say its a flash tester. and it has Ryu in, which makes it l33t

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freaking HILARIOUS

One of the best Flash Dress up type games that doesn't involve hentai/porn on newgrounds, good job

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this sounds Klaxons esque

and i really like it
keep up the good work. favourited much

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some good stuff

for the Ng audio portal its nice to hear something that isn't techno, game related or plain bullpies. Nice work man. did you play all this yourself? if you did props man.
this sh*t sounds hard as hell to play.

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Thanks man.

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